Public Lecture: The Under-Appreciated Burden of Viruses in Cancer

In this free lecture Professor Adrian Whitehouse, Professor of Molecular Virology at the University of Leeds, will examine the under-appreciated burden of viruses in cancer.

Viruses are associated with 10-15% of human cancers - resulting in about two million new cases worldwide every year. Research in the Whitehouse laboratory examines how viruses cause cancer, in order to develop strategies for preventing infection and the subsequent development of tumours. Their current work is focussed on recently-discovered human tumour viruses, for which there are no currently available vaccines.

Professor Whitehouse has been Professor of Molecular Virology at the University of Leeds since 2010. He graduated with a BSc in Microbiology from the University of Sheffield in 1991 and obtained a D.Phil in Molecular Virology from Oxford in 1994. Following postdoctoral work at the Molecular Medicine Unit, St James’s Hospital, Leeds, he joined the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Leeds.

This lecture is free and you do not need a ticket – but if you are coming with a group of friends and would like seats reserving, please contact Dr J E Lydon (

There will be tea and coffee from 19:15 and the lecture will start at 19:30.