Arts and Ageing – Reimagine Ageing Network

Join the Reimagine Ageing Network for this in-person one-day event presenting projects and approaches to arts and ageing.

A selection of academic papers and presentations will offer different examples and models in which the arts can serve as a methodological tool in research on ageing, and contributions from regional organisations will discuss the way the arts fit with public policy on creative health.

Presentations will be interspersed with interactive activities, and lunch and coffee will offer opportunities for informal discussion. 

The event aims to bring together researchers from different backgrounds, who are interested in different approaches to working with older adults; arts-based research methods; and the application of the arts in research on ageing. 

For more information, including the full agenda and speakers list, and to book, visit the listing on Eventbrite.

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The network is co-led by Drs. Sarah Astill (Faculty of Biological Sciences), Maria Kapsali (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Culture), and Professor Anne Forster (Faculty of Medicine)