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Omicron variant virus

Where is the next COVID variant, pi? A virologist explains why omicron is continuing to dominate.

Group of approx. 10 office workers in a high rise office sat in front of a Christmas tree, wearing party hats, holding drinks and throwing glitter.

Dr Victoria Easton writes about the steps people can take to reduce Covid-19 transmission in the office at Christmas.

Artistic representation of specialised ribosomes

The five-year project will lead to a better understanding of fundamental biochemical processes of gene regulation and will identify new research strategies for tackling cancer and other diseases.

Picture of the COVID-19 viruses

Recent studies show that potential sources of new SARS-CoV-2 variants could emerge from people who experience chronic COVID infections and animals but they are likely not variants of concern.

Doctor and patient

A new way to target a mutant protein which can cause the deadliest of cancers in humans has been uncovered by scientists at Leeds.