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Join the Astbury Conversation
Illuminating Life 
8-9 April 2024

The Astbury Conversation – the University of Leeds’ biennial flagship event for structural molecular biology – is back for 2024.

Professor Sheena Radford welcomes Professor Bart De Strooper

Renowned neuroscientist Professor Bart De Strooper joined colleagues across the University for a guest seminar about his ground-breaking research into Alzheimer’s disease.

Amyloid fibril structures

For the first time, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has revealed intricate 3D detail of how the structure of a malfunctioning protein, hIAPP, evolves over time.

The RiboCode project team smile at the camera

A national group of researchers, who are aiming to discover how ‘specialised ribosomes’ decode their target genes, have officially launched their ambitious project.

Close up of medication in hands

Dr Matt Bawn, who’s research was carried out at Quadram Institute before his move to the Faculty of Biological Sciences, hopes to build on his interdisciplinary research at Leeds