Dr Martin Stacey


I was appointed a Lecturer in Immunology at the University of Leeds in 2008.

Previous work included post-doctorial research at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford (2001-2008); DPhil, University of Oxford (1997-2001), and Masters in Biochemistry, University of Oxford (1992-1996).


  • Post Graduate Admissions Tutor
  • Faculty Disability Contact

Research interests

Understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning the inflammatory response

The ability to control immunological responses towards microbes is critcal for human health.  Too little of a response results in microbial invasive, whereas too much of a response results in inflammatory damage or autoimmunity. Our laboratory investigates the molecular mechanisms involved in the contol of inflammatory responses both in the physiological setting of microbial sensing and elimination, as well as pathogical inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and other epithelial diseases. Our laboratory's expertise in structural, molecular and cell biology, along with close clinical collaborations greatly facilates multiple avenues of research within area of inflammation.

Our current research goals include:

  • Understanding activation mechanisms for proinflammatory cytokines
  • Development of biomarker tools for inflammatory epithelial diseases
  • Understanding the molecular basis for psoriasis

Understanding the role of phagocytes at the molecular and cellular and level

Our laboratory has a longstanding interest in to how the cell surface receptors of myeloid cells influence the activities of phagocytic cells such as macrophages, neutrophils and dendritic cells in inflammatory and infectious diseases.   In particular we are characterising the role and function of a family of proteins known as adhesion-GPCRs receptors.  These unusual receptors are defined by their unique chimaeric structure in which cell adhesion protein domains are coupled to a G protein-coupled receptor moiety.  Using a novel ligand screening strategy we have previously shown these receptors have a variety of cell surface and matrix ligands and demonstrated them to be involved in cellular signalling and cell migration.

Our current research goals include:

  • Isolation of exogenous ligands for adhesion-GPCRs receptors
  • Characterisation of signal activation and downstream signalling events
  • Generation of recombinant antibodies for targeting myeloid cells
  • X-ray resolution of the extracellular domains of adhesion-GPCRs
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  • MBiochem, University of Oxford 1992-1996
  • DPhil, University of Oxford, 2001

Professional memberships

  • Member of the British Society of Immunology

Student education

Teaching roles include multiple aspects of immunology, molecular biology and cell biology at both undergraduate and postgradute levels

Undergraduate project topics:

  • Investigation of host-pathogen interactions in partuclar with respect to bacterial and fungal sensing by proinflammatory cytokines
  • Generation of recombinant immunotoxins for targeting phagocytes. Key techniques: Molecular Biology, including PCR, cloning, Western blotting and protein purification; Cellular Biology, including tissue culture, FACS analysis and confocal microscopy
  • Characterisation of microbial ligands for myeloid receptors. Key techniques: Protein chemistry and molecular biology including protein expression, isolation and purification. Ligand screening assays, FACS analysis

Postgraduate studentship areas:

  • Activation of inflammatory cytokines
  • Epitheilai immunity
  • Generation of immunotoxins for targeting myeloid cells
  • Understanding macrophage and neutrophil signalling

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Academic roles:

  • PGR Admissions Tutor - School of Molecular and Cellular Biology Multiple interviews plus admin. ~25 interviews pa


  • Member of Graduate School Committee (Admissions Tutor (MCB))
  • Member of Undergraduate School Taught Student Education Committee
  • Faculty Ethics Commitee
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