Amelia Lesiuk

Amelia Lesiuk


I joined the University as a Laboratory Assistant in FBS in 2008. Since then, I have worked in a variety of technical roles. I became a Research Technician in 2010 and a Senior Research Technician in Protein Purification in 2016. Working in the protein biology field for eight years enabled me to achieve expertise in a wide variety of expression systems and purification methodologies but also shaped my organisational and lab managerial skills. In 2018, I became the Laboratory Area Coordinator. I worked with approximately fifty Principal Investigators and their research groups. I was responsible for the day-to-day management of the research laboratories located across four buildings and two Schools in FBS. At that time, I started to manage the research technicians and support academics in the recruitment and staff review processes for technicians. In October 2022, I successfully applied to the Lead Technician position. 

As Lead Technician in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, I work closely with the technical management team to ensure the research and teaching laboratory service operates efficiently. I look after a small technical team in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology and allocate technical support as required. We provide practical support, advice, and safety guidance to researchers on experimental techniques and technical issues. We contribute to developing and implementing local policies and processes, identifying enhancements, such as new techniques or equipment, and improving existing procedures or cost-saving measures. We support the lab relocations for the research groups and contribute to the refurbishment and development projects within the School and the Faulty.


  • Lead Technician in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • FBS Technician Champion
  • FBS Radiation Protection Co-ordinator


  • MSc in Natural Sciences (University of Szczecin in Poland, 2007)

Professional memberships

  • MISTcT
  • RSci
  • University Bioscience Managers Association
  • Technical Managers in Universities