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Open Africa, Open World 
Africa Week 
20-25th May

The Faculty of Biological Sciences join the University in celebrating the strengths, diversity and impact of African scholars, organisations and partnerships.

Cells of human connective tissue

Professor Richard Bayliss, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Dr Charlotte Dodson, University of Bath, reflect on what the latest developments in AlphaFold 3 mean for biologists.

An audience listen to a female speaker at Pint of Science

Join researchers from the Faculty of Biological Sciences as the world-wide science festival comes to Leeds between 13-15 May.

A structure of Fascin 1 bound to NB 3E11. Fascin 1 is shown in dark, light blue and green. Nb 3E11 is shown in beige.

A newly discovered nanobody, Nb 3E11, stops a cancer-spreading protein called Fascin-1 from forming cell-surface protrusions.

Winners of the Partnership Awards 2024 smile at the camera holding their yellow certificates.

The Partnership Awards recognise staff and student successes across teaching, research and innovation, equality and inclusion, and wellbeing.