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The Nectary is an interactive, sensory installation, allowing visitors to experience the ‘hum of the earth’ through a series of huge, glowing flower heads, carefully crafted from recycled plastic and hung from trees in University Square.

Dr Christopher Hassall, School of Biology, has collaborated with visual artist Alison Smith to create an interactive, sensory installation which will form part of the University's Light Night event.

An image of the University of Leeds Parkinson building illuminated in purple light.

A prestigious fellowship will support five University of Leeds researchers addressing global challenges, three of whom are from the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Two BSc Biology students have been awarded the prestigious Beaumont Award.

An aerial view of the Leeds city region

The city of Leeds has been recognised with a bronze food sustainability award from the Sustainable Food Cities Network.

This image shows a colourful graphic in green, grey, blue, red, yellow and pink on a white background. The colours represent 46 atoms.

A recent study of enzyme inhibitors revealed potential new routes to anti-malarial drugs.