Professor John Colyer


We are interested in the control of cardiac muscle behaviour by physiological and pathological stresses. These stresses control cardiac function by post-translational modification of key proteins (phosphorylation, oxidation, etc.) in Excitation-Contraction Coupling, and we develop new tools to define the role of these site-specific modifications in physiological and pathological circumstances. We collaborate with clinicians and technologists to perform medically directed molecular studies (super-resolution microscopy, biomarker detection, quantitative bioscience).

Our research has direct application to industry, and we collaborate with companies – most notably Badrilla, a spin-out company from this laboratory to produce new experimental tools for the cardiovascular field, and to develop quantitative biomarker detection approaches for systems biology. We collaborate with clinicians to develop improved diagnostic tests for critical diseases, notably acute kidney injury.

BSc; CNAA; MPhil, London. PhD, Southampton. Post-doctoral work in the MRC Group in Signal Transduction, University of Calgary, Canada. British Heart Foundation Lecturer at University of Leeds, 1991-99. Senior Lecturer, 1999-current. Founder of Fluoroscience Ltd (biotech/drug discovery company), 1998. This role continues to exceed that of an established programme. We are charged with building a consortium of companies to host placements as well as actively promote the new course to candidates. Furthermore, I am involved in extensive admissions and interviewing - on behalf of a consortia of UK companies. In addition, I have to manage many non-academic teaching staff, and to serve a strategic steering group comprising the partners. From this year onwards, I will also need to establish and serve an alumni body (of graduated students) so that the University and FBS can benefit from this professional group in the medium/long term.

Research interests

Natural & Therapeutic Control of Cardiac Function

Acute Kidney Injury (with Dr Andrew Lewington, St. James Hospital, Leeds)

Quantitative western blotting (with Badrilla Ltd.

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  • BSc, CNAA; MPhil, London; PhD 1988, Southampton

Professional memberships

  • Biochemical Society (Ambassador)