Dr Moza Al-Owais


I’m currently engaged in researching the role of the gasotransmitter carbon monoxide in cardiac cells, primarily through electrophysiological investigations. Kv11.1 is a key ion channel regulating the heart’s electrical activity. Disruption of this channel, for example by genetic mutation or pharmaceutical blockade, can have fatal results and as a consequence, assessment of the effect on Kv11.1 forms a routine part of the safety assessment of novel pharmaceuticals. My research has helped elucidate the mechanism underlying the pro-arrhythmic effect of CO on cardiac myocytes.

I  have the responsibility for generating data and research strategy for my current project, which received project funding from Heart Research UK, concerning gasotranmitter-mediated regulation of the cardiac potassium channel Kv1.5.

Research interests

My current research interests concern the modulation of cardiac potassium channels by gasotransmitters, clearly linking to the key therapeutically important area of cardiovascular disease.

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