Infection, Immunity and Human Disease master student at University of Leeds

Ndaru Kaluwa

Why did you choose to come to the University of Leeds to Study?

When I googled Leeds University, it was so apparent that the community was so diverse. There were some other Malawians that had studied here and so I asked the few I could contact, their responses topped it off. They told me it was home away from home, a place where I could focus on my education while connecting with people from all around the world. I knew right then that this was an experience I needed to have.

I chose the University of Leeds because they had a course that combined my two fields of interest, molecular biology and immunology.

What did you enjoy about your course?

The course is very practical, it really prepares you for the industry. I have worked in a research institute before and everything that is being handed to us is spot on, very relevant. This course gives you many open doors you can choose to walk through at the next level.

As an international student, tell us about how staff support has helped you through your time at Leeds?

The staff here are friendly and ready to help. I had some hiccups with my BRP in the beginning of the semester, and they made sure that this did not interfere with my studies. I was issued a temporary student card that gave me access to the library and all other resources I needed.

How do you feel the international community has helped you settle in to Leeds?

They have provided me with some fun pastimes. At the same time they provided an opportunity for me to meet other international students that I could connect with and share my experiences with. They also allocated buddies to us to help us with academic and non-academic issues that we may have, which made such a huge impact on how I settled down.