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A minke whale swims off the Southern Moray Firth coastline

A new study shows how tiny traces of DNA from seawater can provide crucial information about the relationship between marine mammals and key prey species to support their conservation.

Structures of the transmembrane β-barrel proteins designed in this study. In each, different numbers of strands wrap around each other to create barrels with different pore sizes, that can be exploited to create new biosensors.

Scientists take one step closer to uncovering new sensing technology.

The molecular structure of alzheimers disease

Scientists investigating Alzheimer’s disease have determined the structure of molecules within a human brain for the very first time.

A green container unit with the words 'Entocycle' written on it

A new cutting-edge insect farm at University of Leeds was officially unveiled at a launch event last week.

Several undergraduate University of Leeds students have participated in an exciting scientific workshop, giving them the skills and experience they need for long-term careers prosperity.