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Balkees abderrahman, PhD student at the University of Leeds

Dr Balkees Abderrahman, M.D., a Leeds PhD researcher, has been selected to attend the world’s second largest congregation of Nobel Laureates.

The head region of a C. elegans worm with potentially harmful aggregations of alpha-synuclein (tagged with green fluorescence).

A master control region of a protein linked to Parkinson’s disease has been identified for the first time.

Cardiac remodelling and repair

A research project at the University of Leeds aiming to identify new drug treatments for heart failure patients has been awarded a grant of almost £150,000 by national charity Heart Research UK.

Whale shark pictured swimming in the sea

An international team of conservation scientists has developed an innovative software program to improve protections for wildlife as they roam on land and at sea.

Blood vessels in human leg

Professor Stuart Egginton is the senior author of a study which highlights a link between loss of the smallest blood vessels in muscle and difficulties moving and exercising.