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Two hands lying on a laptop keyboard.

It is what we are looking at, rather than how much time we are spending our time online, that influences our health and well-being, according to a major new report from scientists.

A white bridge and dam between mountains

Drs. Josie South (School of Biology), Lee Brown and Taylor Maavara (both School of Geography) explain why hydroelectric dams are driving massive biodiversity loss.

Dr James Warren and Professor Karen Birch smile at the camera

Dr Warren was presented the prize during a faculty awards ceremony at Nexus on Thursday 23rd May.

Open Africa, Open World 
Africa Week 
20-25th May

The Faculty of Biological Sciences join the University in celebrating the strengths, diversity and impact of African scholars, organisations and partnerships.

Cells of human connective tissue

Professor Richard Bayliss, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Dr Charlotte Dodson, University of Bath, reflect on what the latest developments in AlphaFold 3 mean for biologists.