Biodiversity and Conservation masters student at University of Leeds

Hind Al Ameri

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

When it came to deciding where to study, the UK was my choice. I applied to various universities at first offering somewhat the same major. I got accepted to a few and it was then time to decide on which I one I preferred. After intensive research and readings about the different universities, the city, activities, what people had to say, it was clear to me that I could not go wrong with the University of Leeds. It was a mix of those aspects plus a lot more which helped me in being confident that this is where I want to be.

Why did you chose to come to Leeds and what do you enjoy about your course?

Graduating with a BSc in Environmental Science gave me the basic tools I needed when I started my career at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi as a specialist for marine threatened species and habitats.

My main role was to plan and implement initiatives which pertain to the conservation of marine threatened species and habitats in order to ensure effective conservation of marine endangered species and the restoration of critical habitats in Abu Dhabi. I saw the need to get a better understanding of conservation methods and practices which I believe would only be possible to gain outside the country. I say this not because I do not trust the level of academics offered in the U.A.E., but because environmental studies is a very new term there and so a better education would be at a university which has had it for decades.

How Are there any significant differences between studying in Leeds and Abu Dhabi?

My BSc is from Abu Dhabi University which is well known to be very multicultural and has a high number of international students as well, so I am used to this type of setting. The only difference would be is that it’s me that is the international student this time, and being able to settle in and figure everything out is what has been different.

How do you feel the International Community has helped you settle in to Leeds?

Seeing the high number of international students surely made me happy. I can find everything I want, even if it was something I use for cooking back home! You will never be lost in Leeds!