Frank Isaac Banda, Infection, Immunity and Human Disease masters student at University of Leeds

Frank Isaac Banda

Why did you choose to come to Leeds University to study the above course?

University of Leeds is one of the best Universities in the world that had my desired course (MSc Infection, Immunity and Human Disease). The course is the hub of understanding both communicable and noncommunicable diseases. 

How would you rate the facilities available to you through you projects, have these enhanced your experience? 

I am doing a 1 year Masters Programme. It is expected of me to do a research in my second semester. I have done some practical work here and the place is just remarkable. I have been challenged with world class equipment and technology every scientist would crave to have.

How do you feel the International Community has helped you settle in to Leeds? 

They have helpeds me settle in Leeds both in the City and the University. They are always approachable for support.

What have been the highlights of your time at the University? 

I have been able to interact with friends who could encourage you and give you advice on a number of issues both academically and socially.