Sport and Exercise Medicine part time masters student at University of Leeds

Sarah Hattee

What is your current profession?

I am a full-time Academy Physiotherapist at Yorkshire Carnegie.

Why did you choose to come to Leeds University to study Sport and Exercise Medicine?

When I started the course was in its first year, this really appealed to me as the course staff were very open and said we could ask/make suggestions as we went through as to people we wanted to lecture or topics. They already had great people involved in the course and I like the mix of practical, theory and placement experience which you don’t get on other courses.

They also took into consideration the day of teaching. Working in professional sport, Wednesday is the most common day off so that’s when they have the face to face teaching.

What have been the highlights of the course so far?

I have really enjoyed having the experience of a cadaver in the dissection room which I haven't had before as well as the functional anatomy sessions. The academic teaching at the university is excellent with the sessions being interactive and focused on working in a team. I have also enjoyed the pitchside placements and I am looking forward to the opportunity to experience even more different sports. 

The placement opportunities have been the highlight for me. I was able to reach out to other sports I had never worked in and see how they differ and work with some great clinicians in the process.

Tell us about your field-based placement experience so far.

Placements are a mix of NHS and pro sport. I haven’t worked in the NHS for over 7 years so it was interesting to see sports and exercise medicine translated into the NHS setting. There’s a lot of work going on by great people to showcase the benefits of this. The patients were also a mix of acute and chronic therefore allowed me to implement difficult skills I’d learnt on the course.