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Yash Karade

Leeds is the perfect fit

I chose the University of Leeds for its outstanding academic reputation in science and biotechnology, which aligned perfectly with my desire for a high-quality education. The unique combination of Biotechnology with Business Enterprise captured my interest, providing a balanced and integrated approach to my career goals.

The university's distinguished faculty and research opportunities assured me of a world-class learning experience. Additionally, its strong industry connections offered exciting networking prospects and potential career pathways. The vibrant campus life in Leeds and the city's student-friendly environment promised a fulfilling social experience. Knowing I would receive comprehensive support and access to resources further solidified my decision. 

Ultimately, the University of Leeds presented a holistic and globally-oriented educational environment that was the perfect fit for my aspirations

An international student abroad

The significant differences between the University of Leeds and universities in my home country are multi-faceted. Firstly, the academic approach differs, with the University of Leeds emphasizing a practical, research-driven learning experience, while universities in my home country may focus more on theoretical knowledge. 

Secondly, the diversity of the student body at Leeds fosters a global perspective, whereas universities in my home country may have a more homogenous demographic. Additionally, the resources and facilities at the University of Leeds, especially in the biotechnology field, are state-of-the-art and well-funded, offering exceptional research opportunities. Comparatively, universities in my home country might have varying levels of infrastructure and funding. 

Lastly, the cultural immersion and exposure to an international community at Leeds provides a unique and enriching experience not typically found in my home country's universities

The benefits of a Biotechnology with Business Enterprise course

Studying Biotechnology with Business Enterprise gave me the best of both worlds - I believe that the intricacies of life sciences, with the transformative power of technology, can unlock ground-breaking solutions and revolutionize the world. The reason I opted for this course was as it offered a unique blend of science with business acumen that will equip a person with cutting-edge scientific research and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. My decision was influenced by the fact that it promises to bridge the gap between scientific research and commercialisation. 

I liked the fact that the university made this attempt to combine two different fields of education and combine them into one for students who have a passion for both science and business.

By pushing students to think creatively and gain commercial acumen, the course fosters an entrepreneurial mind-set. Students can investigate the commercial possibilities of biotechnological advances, collaborate on business projects, and learn about intellectual property. 

Plenty of amazing highlights

The way the business and biotechnology modules are seamlessly integrated is one of the course's most appealing features. Developing an entrepreneurial mind-set, commercialising a pharmaceutical product, developing fundamental business ideas, and performing the necessary lab work are all perfectly balanced in the curriculum. This synergy allowed me to envision the lifecycle of biotechnological innovations. 

The supportive learning environment and open discussions also allowed me to develop a unique perspective which fostered a vibrant academic community, during the course friends became family. 

The course promoted international experience by drawing in a cohort of students from all around the world and bringing in multicultural settings within the course to provide opportunities for networking and employment.

The course also gave me an opportunity to do many presentations which helped me in my public speaking skills and boost my confidence to talk well in front of an audience. Another highlight for me was working in the lab straight for two weeks in order to isolate Green Fluorescent Proteins and getting hands-on training on molecular biology techniques within the lab. I also got the opportunity to attend events, and workshops and build a strong professional network which is surely going to help me in my career ahead.

A final year project with real-world ramifications

I am working on a business project with OncoEng. One of the perks of this course is that you get to choose between a scientific project or a business project (subject to availability) and work on it. I was one of the students who got the opportunity through Nexus placement. The company is working on developing an implant device for the spine to support the vertebral load and developing software that can predict the risk of fracture that can be caused within the vertebrae. My job within the project is to identify the market size for the implant device within the US, UK and the EU region, if the company has the freedom to operate with the use of materials, to look at the key stakeholders and what are the major entry barriers to go into the market and conduct a brief health economics analysis

Top-notch facilities empowering students 

I am really happy with the facilities provided during my project. I got the opportunity to attend the MedTech expo at Birmingham this summer as an observer for OncoEng. This was an opportunity to gain insights from many industry experts and attend webinars where they explained the products that they are working on. 

My visit to Birmingham was funded by the University where I got to stay in a nice hotel, so definitely no complaints about that. I got the best supervisor who guided me throughout the project, helped me do my research well and shared her plethora of knowledge with me.

Adjusting to life as a university student

Throughout my course at the University of Leeds, I encountered several challenges that tested my resilience and determination. Firstly, managing the workload and striking a balance between scientific research and business assignments demanded effective time management and organizational skills. Additionally, grasping complex scientific concepts and integrating them with business strategies required perseverance and continuous learning. 

I overcame all of these by effectively managing my time and creating a timetable to give equal justice to all my modules. Talking to friends, and engaging in group discussions also helped provide valuable insights and support through my journey. 

Teamwork and open communication with peers really helped me with the issues I faced.

Check your eligibility for financial aid

I was the recipient of the Dean's International scholarship offered by the Faculty of Biological science at the University of Leeds. I bagged a £5,000 scholarship which really helped me manage my finances well. 

I believe as an international students managing finances and spending money on the right things is really important. There are so many things you have to look after as an international student, your rent, groceries, healthcare, miscellaneous stuff. I believe the university if doing a phenomenal job by giving such scholarships to students as a way of financial aid.

We offer a number of scholarship opportunities to support and reward students from around the world. Please check your eligibility here.