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Sport and Exercise Science research facilities

A new report has revealed that Sport and Exercise Science (SES) courses provide an added annual income of £3.9 billion to the UK economy, equivalent to supporting over 147,300 jobs.

This image is a visualisation of the BRISC-SHMT2 protein, created by Jeroen Claus from Phospho Biomedical Animation. It shows a blue, orange and black model on a white background with flecks of gold.

Scientists have identified a new internal regulator that helps control the body’s response to fight infection.

This image shows a colourful graphic in green, grey, blue, red, yellow and pink on a white background. The colours represent 46 atoms.

A recent study of enzyme inhibitors revealed potential new routes to anti-malarial drugs.

Professor Nicola Stonehouse and team

Researchers at the University of Leeds are developing a cheaper and safer way of making the polio vaccine.

Professor Nicola Stonehouse and Dr Oluwapelumi Adeyemi

As part of the University of Leeds' Global Challenge research, visiting researcher Dr Adeyemi works alongside Professor Nicola Stonehouse to tackle global problems.