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Medical illustration of acinetobacteria

The molecular machinery used by ‘superbugs’ to resist chemicals designed to kill them could also help produce precursors for a new generation of nylon and other polymers, according to new research.

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Two BSc Biology students have been awarded the prestigious Beaumont Award.

This image shows the process of peptide co assembly. The image is a graphic on a grey background with blue and red figures to indicate the process.

Scientists have developed an integrated computational and experimental approach to investigate the way proteins and peptides – chains of amino acids – aggregate.

An aerial view of the Leeds city region

The city of Leeds has been recognised with a bronze food sustainability award from the Sustainable Food Cities Network.

Sport and Exercise Science research facilities

A new report has revealed that Sport and Exercise Science (SES) courses provide an added annual income of £3.9 billion to the UK economy, equivalent to supporting over 147,300 jobs.