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Prof Ronaldo Ichiyama smiles at the camera

Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama, Professor of Neural Control of Movement in the School of Biomedical Sciences has highlighted the importance of rehabilitation following damage to the nervous system.

Computerised image of brain

Researchers at the University of Leeds and Lancaster University have identified a potential new drug target for Alzheimer’s disease.

A person stands on weighing scales

Researchers have discovered a cluster of brain cells that can be harnessed to reduce food intake and body weight.

Amyloid fibril structures

For the first time, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has revealed intricate 3D detail of how the structure of a malfunctioning protein, hIAPP, evolves over time.

The RiboCode project team smile at the camera

A national group of researchers, who are aiming to discover how ‘specialised ribosomes’ decode their target genes, have officially launched their ambitious project.