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Gain the knowledge and skills to advance proper management of biodiversity conservation. Our degrees provide you with hands-on experience to propel your career and become an ecological change-maker.

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Masters in Conservation Biology

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Looking to pursue a career in the field of natural conservation? Our MSc programmes at the University of Leeds offer a unique opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in ecology, environmental science, animal conservation, and conservation management while making a real-world impact.

Our programmes blend cutting-edge research with practical fieldwork and expert teaching to give you the tools you need to tackle complex conservation challenges. With a focus on global issues, you'll gain a deep understanding of the relationships between biodiversity, human societies, and the environment.

Choose from our Global Conservation Science MSc, Biodiversity and Conservation MScBiodiversity and Conservation with African Field Course MSc, or MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production to find the programme that best fits your interests and goals. All of our programmes offer:

  • Expert teaching from world-renowned conservation scientists and practitioners;
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources;
  • Opportunities to engage in practical fieldwork, from local conservation projects to international field trips;
  • Tailored support and guidance throughout your studies;
  • A strong community of fellow conservationists and researchers.

Masters courses

Our Masters programmes are unique, so take some time to discover the differences and find out which course best aligns with your interests and career goals. Please check the individual course pages for early deadlines.

Gain expertise in the science of conservation and its practical applications. Learn from global experts in biodiversity, conservation, and ecology, with access to state-of-the-art facilities and research equipment. Ideal for those with a background in biology, environmental or social sciences, and a passion for interdisciplinary study. Plus, get hands-on conservation experience at The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

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Enhance your understanding of ecological factors and your key field skills for assessing and managing biodiversity. You'll gain valuable analytical skills applicable to both academic and professional careers. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to gain practical experience in biodiversity and conservation-related research, making this programme a perfect fit for those passionate about the environment and wildlife conservation.

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With a focus on the African savannah, you'll gain hands-on experience in studying and conserving local flora and fauna. This programme offers a truly immersive experience where you'll have the opportunity to live and work alongside fellow students and experts in the field. Expand your knowledge of ecology and conservation while gaining an appreciation for the beauty of the African savannah.

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Society is dependent on our ability to produce sufficient, nutritious food through agriculture. However farming practices have detrimental impacts on our environments, global biodiversity and climate. Using a multidisciplinary approach, on this course you'll be taught agricultural innovations by experts in the field and discover environmental solutions to protect the planet while feeding society.

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University life

Hear from one of our leading experts and discover more of what you will be doing on this Masters programme.

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Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, mature, or international student, we are here to support your transition into university life.

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Our community of pioneering students and graduates are leading the fight against global challenges associated with biodiversity loss. Find out what they thought about studying at the University of Leeds.

"The main highlight of the course so far was a course in Global Conservation Standards and how to design and deliver an effective strategy. This was part of the field course in Jersey."

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"This program has diverse teaching methods, like lectures, lab sessions, field trips and computer sessions. With the help of various teaching ways, I can apply my theoretical knowledge into practice."

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