Leading agricultural researcher wins international accolade

It is the first time an academic based outside of North America has been honoured with this award.

Professor Frank Dunshea, a researcher at the National Pig Centre, has been awarded the New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award by the Federation of American Animal Science Societies (FASS) and American Feed Industries Association (AFIA) for his research into the effect of climate change on livestock production.

The award was created to stimulate, acknowledge and reward pioneering and innovative research relevant to the nutrition of animals and was presented at an annual scientific meeting on 16th July in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

With a research career spanning 35 years, Professor Dunshea has published more than 1000 journal, conference, book and technical articles.

His area of expertise in growth physiology and nutrition, and understanding the interactions between the animal and the animal’s environment has informed significant changes within the farming industry such the development of a vaccine to reduce boar taint, control negative behaviours and improve pork quality which is now registered in several countries.

Much of his recent research has focussed on investigating nutritional means to reduce and adapt to climate change, with a view to support responsible and sustainable farming.

Reflecting on his achievement, Professor Dunshea said: “My research into animal nutrition has focused on both ensuring consumers get a guaranteed quality of product whilst also maintaining the highest of animal welfare standards.

I’m honoured to be recognised in this way.