Dynamic Interactions: fostering collaboration

Twenty-four members of the Zeqiraj, Ochi and Bayliss groups took part in a joint away day at Devonshire Hall in Headingley on 22nd September 2023.

The programme featured presentations in a variety of formats from team leaders, postdoctoral researchers, technicians, and postgraduate researchers across the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Talks were focussed on their common research interests in molecular structure, protein dynamics, cell signalling relevant to auto-immune diseases, developmental diseases and cancer.

A core theme was their innovative approaches to drug discovery that exploit their knowledge of protein structure and dynamics such as molecular glues and protein-protein interaction inhibitors.

Astbury centre dynamic interactome gif 07

GIF description: An animation of green (kinases) and blue (ubiquitin signalling proteins) slightly moving side-to-side. Astbury Centre researchers are exploring the structures and dynamic properties of these proteins to develop new ways to target and disrupt their functions because they are involved in human diseases. This target area is highlighted by small pink spots on each protein.

Sharing knowledge

Alongside this, Research Technician Jordan Liburd provided a summary of their current efforts to recycle and reuse reagents and consumables, and discussed best practices for doing research in an environmentally sustainable way.

The teams also played a game of “Technique Bingo” to encourage inter-group collaboration, share knowledge on different research techniques, and shine a spotlight on their varied expertise across the teams.