Join the Faculty of Biological Sciences at Be Curious 2024

Explore the wonderful world of science at the University’s annual family open day.

On Saturday 18 May from 10am – 4pm, the University of Leeds will be open to the public for a day of free, interactive, and family-friendly fun - and our researchers will be bringing a range of activities designed to inspire and educate visitors of all ages.  

From captivating demonstrations to interactive workshops, there’s something to spark the imagination of every young mind.

Here’s what our researchers have in store:

Riley Smith Theatre

How do medicines work in our bodies? – Dr Emily Caseley

We all take medicines sometimes, but what do these little molecules actually do? Join us on a virtual reality tour to find out, and take some science home with you in our goodie bags! 

How does your body fix, declutter and recycle to keep you in shape?  – Dr Yvonne Nyathi

Join us as we dive into the amazing world of membrane proteins. We’ll explore the tools we use in the lab to study them to help make new medicines to keep us well. 

What are proteins and how do they work? – Dr Sharon Yeoh

Proteins do all kinds of jobs in living cells. Each protein must fold itself from a floppy chain into a particular 3D shape to do its job. What do these tiny structures look like? 

Michael Sadler, LG.10

How do we build a virus? – Dr Rebecca Chandler-Bostock

What is a virus made of? How does it get put together? Come and learn what makes up a virus and get a chance to build your own. 

Michael Sadler, LG.15

How are proteins made? – Dr Tiffany Hicks and the RiboCode team

Decode a message to make a protein from DNA, just like your cells do! 

We are committed to engaging with our communities across the city and region and hope to inspire the next generation of researchers.

Professor Hai-Sui Yu, University of Leeds Interim Vice-Chancellor and President

This year, a quiet hour has been introduced for visitors who prefer a calmer environment. Between 10am – 11am, the number of visitors will be limited to allow movement around campus at their own pace. 

Dr Alexa Ruppertsberg, Head of Public Engagement with Research, said: “We want all children in Leeds and beyond to have the chance to get hands-on with the research that happens here at the University. It is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see how our research is revealing life-changing discoveries.”

Interested in coming along? To book your free tickets and view the full line-up of events, visit the Be Curious website.

Further information

For more information, please contact Corporate Communications Officer Rebecca Hurrey at in the University of Leeds Press Office. 

General admission tickets are free, and these can be booked here

Tickets will be required to enter the quiet hour, and you can book your tickets here.

Picture credit: Simon and Simon Photography.