The future looks brighter for the world's coral reefs

Dr Maria Beger, joining the Faculty of Biological Sciences as a University Academic Fellow in September, is recognised for ground-breaking findings in marine conservation.

A group of scientist from around the world have found hints that it is not all bad news in the world’s coral reefs. They have discovered that there are places in coral formations, which they call “bright spots”, where the ecosystem is substantially better than elsewhere. This goes against the mainstream thought that all reefs are suffering due to environmental pressures.

Dr Maria Beger (currently University of Queensland) is one of the key researchers on the project, but is due to take a post right here in the Faculty of Biological Sciences in September. Her internationally recognised research in this field will provide students in the faculty with another level of expertise when it comes to ecology and conservation.

This continues Leeds' proud tradition of having academics that are not only knowledgeable about the most cutting edge research but are working at the forefront of it themselves. 

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