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This image shows the process of peptide co assembly. The image is a graphic on a grey background with blue and red figures to indicate the process.

Scientists have developed an integrated computational and experimental approach to investigate the way proteins and peptides – chains of amino acids – aggregate.

An aerial view of the Leeds city region

The city of Leeds has been recognised with a bronze food sustainability award from the Sustainable Food Cities Network.

Sport and Exercise Science research facilities

A new report has revealed that Sport and Exercise Science (SES) courses provide an added annual income of £3.9 billion to the UK economy, equivalent to supporting over 147,300 jobs.

This image is a visualisation of the BRISC-SHMT2 protein, created by Jeroen Claus from Phospho Biomedical Animation. It shows a blue, orange and black model on a white background with flecks of gold.

Scientists have identified a new internal regulator that helps control the body’s response to fight infection.

This image shows a colourful graphic in green, grey, blue, red, yellow and pink on a white background. The colours represent 46 atoms.

A recent study of enzyme inhibitors revealed potential new routes to anti-malarial drugs.