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Forget me not flowers

The dazzling floral displays of early spring are starting to draw to a close. But wily gardeners know that they can keep plants in flower for longer by removing fruit and seeds as soon as they form.

University of Leeds, Baines Wing pictured in Summer

Three new Athena SWAN Charter awards have acknowledged the advancement of gender equality at the University.

Graphical representation of e coli cells

Scientists have identified a key process in the way bacteria protect themselves from attack - and it heralds a new strategy in the hunt for antibiotics.

Representation of the nervous system

Scientists have – for the first time – shown how chemical triggers in the nervous system can amplify the pain experienced by mammals in response to certain stimuli.

Kimbe bay credit to Tane Sinclair Taylor

A new study reveals that proper management of coral reefs can help achieve the multiple goals needed to sustain these ecosystems but management effectiveness is dependant on the reef’s location.