Zoology, international student at University of Leeds

Karolina Zarzyczny

Karolina is originally from Poland and studies Zoology as an integrated Masters.

Why did you choose to come to Leeds University to study?

I looked at the university ranking tables and University of Leeds ranked high. I picked a couple of universities, had a look at the modules and then visited the campuses. I fell in love with the campus and the course was exactly what I wanted so I chose Leeds. It was also close to home (Manchester).

What do you enjoy about your course?

I love the fact the university gives us the flexibility to do modules from other courses. So as a zoologist, I can do some ecology modules that I find interesting. Modules I've enjoyed so far include Lives of Carnivores which is a Zoology module and Vertebrate Evolution which was an optional module from the School of Earth and Environment. 

What was the highlight of your course?

I've really enjoyed being a Year 1 Zoology representative. It gave me a real insight into the course, what is expected and it helped me understand that the courses here are actually organised in a way that suits the students. If students have any problems with specific modules or suggestions that can make their course more enjoyable, I take a note of them and pass them onto appropriate staff and it's great to see these actually being addressed.

What were the greatest challenges throughout your degree?

There are some really challenging modules, but that’s what we want. I'd say the most difficult part for me was finding an appropriate way of taking lecture notes. In school we're all used to just writing everything down that’s on the board but at university that's not always effective. I'd say another aspect that's quite challenging is working out how much extra reading to do, but when you enjoy the course, you just find your self reading around it without even realising.

How has staff support helped you throughout your time at university?

We have some great staff within our Faculty. If you have any questions they tend to hang around after the lecture or you can always email them and they will respond within 48 hours, but it's usually a lot sooner than that. Certain modules have optional tutorials too, before which the students can email any questions that they have and the lecturer will answer all of the questions in the tutorial. I've also found that if I'm struggling with something, I can arrange a meeting with a specific academic and they will then answer any questions that I may have.