Field Courses

Year 3: South Africa Field Course

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This exciting optional field course is based at a reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and offers different types of habitat and a large number of diverse species of animals and plants alike, with many species that are unique to this location.

It is rich in plants, birds and mammals (including the ‘big five’ – elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard).

Group projects designed by the students centre on the theme of a ‘landscape of fear’, and there are also guest lectures by local experts, a bird diary to complete, night drives in safari vehicles and a boat trip to watch birds and sometimes even whales.

When: August-Sept, Year 3
Duration: 2 weeks
Location: South Africa, Africa
Optional: Biology, Zoology, Ecology and Conservation Biology.

Examples of projects:

  • Vigilance behaviour of antelope
  • Ungulate distribution and predation risk
  • Spiny plants and herbivory
  • Bird foraging behaviour