Teaching Facilities

Teaching facilities

At the University of Leeds, you will have access to a diverse range of outstanding facilities designed to help you get the most out of your time with us. These contemporary, inspiring and well-equipped learning environments include a state-of-the-art University smart-farm, plant science growth suites and cutting-edge laboratories.

Garstang Labs

Garstang labs facilities

These purpose built labs are designed to provide you with the experience of working within the industrial sector.

You will be encouraged to collaborate with your peers throughout the integrated office and lab spaces.

  • Large, modern lab
  • Incubator rooms
  • Dedicated dark-room
  • Office space
  • Live virus labs

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Sport and Biomechanics Labs

Sport and biomechanics labs facilities

Measure real time heart rates, lung functioning, and more with our cutting-edge sports labs.

Enjoy access to high speed 3D cameras, body composition tools, or ECG and other signal processing type set-ups.

  • Environment chamber
  • Exercise equipment
  • Pressure sensitive plates
  • Hypoxia units for oxygen control
  • Power/strength testing facilities

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Plant Science Growth Suites

Plant science growth suites facilities

Our plant growth centre houses a large number of core facilities suitable for your research.

9 modern glasshouses provide temperate, Mediterranean and tropical environments.

  • Numerous plant growth rooms
  • Extensive plant tissue culture facilities
  • Support for your plant research
  • Plant growth cabinets
  • Specific LED lighting arrays

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Willow Terrace Labs

Willow terrace labs facilities

Includes all of the equipment you will need for all molecular and cellular biology programmes.

Ideal for learning fundamental methods and techniques used in cutting edge science.

  • Specifically designed teaching space
  • Modern lab equipment
  • Live in-lab monitor screens
  • Tissue culture lab
  • Large open lab space

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LC Miall Labs

LC Miall labs facilities

This open plan teaching space is specifically set-up for hands-on practical experiments.

You will find these facilities extremely useful during the second and final year of your programme.

  • Individual work stations
  • Live in-lab monitor screens
  • Undergraduate and higher teaching
  • Tactile learning space
  • Contemporary lab set-up

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University Smart Farm

University smart farm facilities

Our farm features the only UK research facility capable of managing and feeding pigs outside.

The University smart farm also boasts electronic sow feeding for all of our gestating sows.

  • National Pig Centre
  • Partnership with CIEL
  • Electronic feeding equipment
  • The first of its kind in the UK
  • Located in the heart of Yorkshire

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