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Plant Science Growth Suites

Plant science growth suite facilities document

The Plant Science Growth Suites provide facilities for your research and education in plant sciences, you will have access to a number of core research facilities.

Our tissue culture area provides a sterile environment for working with plants and plant material whilst laminar flow hoods are used for the preparation of media plates, setting out seeds propagating and dissecting plants. This space also includes two constant temperature rooms for growing plant material in sterile conditions.

The main area houses our climate controlled growth cabinets and four walk-in rooms. These enable you to grow your plants under any specified growth conditions, here you can control parameters such as day length, light levels, temperature and humidity.

Take advantage of our nine glasshouses with temperature control and LED lighting arrays specific to plant growth. These are used for larger scale experiments, bulking up seed stocks, phenotyping, and plant transformations. One of these glasshouses has even been adapted to enable the study of aphid and plant interactions.

Plant science growth suite close up 1

Plant science growth suite close up 3

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Plant growth suite at the University of Leeds