Capstone and Research Projects

Capstone and Research projects

At the University of Leeds, all undergraduate students regardless of discipline, must complete a substantial research-based or capstone project in their final year.

The purpose of a research or capstone project is to enable you to showcase the sum total of all you have learnt over the course of your studies.

You will be challenged with combining all of the experience and knowledge obtained from your first to last year. In addition, you will be expected to understand and apply skills such as problem solving, creativity and innovation as these are vital to all biological subjects.

This experience is designed to bring reflection and focus to your entire degree, and help you develop the necessary skills for succeeding in your future career.

Research or capstone?

While a research project is aimed at providing you with an abundance of research experience, the Faculty of Biological Sciences is proud to offer capstone projects as an alternative. 

These capstone projects will allow you to take complete ownership of your final year project as you tackle a central scientific question or sole issue in depth.

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Depending on your field of study, during your research or capstone project you may be expected to complete tasks such as:

  • Frame your research within the context of existing knowledge

  • Develop and test ideas or hypotheses to explain observations and connections

  • Create solutions to local or global problems

  • Critically analyse data and communicate the results to diverse audiences

Types of research and capstone projects

When it comes to choosing the topic of your extended project, you will select that which best addresses your individual development needs and future career intentions.

For the primary assessment method (eg academic paper, commercial report or e-portfolio), you will be expected to pick the one most suited to your particular project format. 

Projects can be completed as an individual, in a team or even as a multi-team based assignment.

Includes laboratory-based, bioinformatics/big data, computer modelling and literature reviews

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Why do your project at the University of Leeds?

The University of Leeds and its Faculty of Biological Sciences boasts a sector-leading portfolio of traditional research projects offered alongside science or industry-focused capstones. This includes capstone projects with a civic or societal focus.

As a faculty, we provide you with an exceptional educational experience, properly preparing you for life in the workplace.
Our role is to ensure that your final year project develops not only the scientific tools and experience you may need, but also transferrable skills such as independent research, presentation and time management.

If you would like to see examples of research or capstone projects that you could undertake, please see the individual course pages that you are interested in studying.