Study Abroad

Study abroad

Student standing on bridge in Australia

During your year abroad you’ll live and study in another country. You’ll become fully immersed in a different culture, meet new friends, get the chance to travel and explore, as well as develop yourself.

The study abroad option is increasingly valued by employers. Many students boast of their increased confidence, motivation and positive outlook when they return to Leeds. This means many students perform better after their year abroad, or have a stronger sense of ambition.

Where can you study?

All our courses offer the option to study abroad, and choosing this will extend your studies by 12 months. This means a BSc degree will become four years and an MBiol/MSci will become five.

We have partner universities across the globe in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, East and South East Asia, and Latin America.

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A unique learning experience

Because many of our partner universities have their own specialisms or distinctive course content, you can experience new perspectives on your programme at FBS and learn about areas outside of your degree at Leeds.

Our students have had some truly unique learning experiences:

  • Becoming a member of a research team in the University’s psychology department and learning to hypnotise people to measure their brainwaves
  • Undertaking an internship
  • Studying medical parasitology and human osteology.
  • Non-Biology related modules such as the history of clothing in the western world
  • Completing a self-directed research project on Parkinson's disease


Some of our students have enhanced their year abroad with internship/work placements to give themselves international work experience.

Alice Compton, Study AbroadAlice Compton, BSc Medical Sciences | New Zealand
“I thought it gave me the perfect opportunity to travel and widen my cultural awareness. I wanted to revisit New Zealand and experience living away from home from a year to develop my independence and strength of character. I also wanted to meet people from all around the world and broaden my horizons.”

Charlotte Trimmer, BSc Biological Sciences
SwedenCharlotte Trimmer, BSc Biological Sciences |Sweden
“Studying in Sweden was rather different to my life at Leeds, one of the big differences was that modules are taught individually, instead of overlapping like at Leeds. I enjoyed this system, as it meant I could focus on one module instead of worrying about assignments/exams for several modules at once.”

Penelope Newman, BSc Biochemistry
South KoreaPenelope Newman, BSc Biochemistry | South Korea
“While out there I took this opportunity to learn more about nanoscience as a new subject. Not only did it open my mind to a whole new field of science, but also introduced me to other young Korean biochemist enthusiasts.”

Abigail Byford, MBiol Neuroscience

Abigail Byford, MBiol Neuroscience | USA
“Throughout the year I got to learn about some of the broader science and psychology aspects of neuroscience. I also got the chance to enroll onto a module that enabled me to be a member of a research team in the psychology department hypnotising people and measuring their brain waves!”