Capstone and Research Projects

Scientific or Industry Relevant Capstones

Scientific or industry relevant capstones page

Capstones act as an alternative to the typical final year research projects. Whereas research projects are primarily designed to equip you with the experience necessary for a specific career in research, capstones provide the experiences, skills and attributes required for a career outside of research.

Scientific or industry relevant capstones projects can be focused on scientific grand challenges, stakeholder opinions, grant proposals or commercial and regulatory reports.

Examples of recent scientific or industry relevant capstones include:

  • Creating solutions to the challenges facing drug discovery and development in Uganda
  • Market and Competitor Analysis of a Decellularised Pig Osteochondral Scaffold for the Treatment of Grade III/IV Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Save the bees! But which ones? Understanding biodiversity in urban pollinator networks

You are expected to take complete ownership of your capstone, employing the skills and knowledge you have accrued throughout the previous years of your degree. At the University of Leeds, projects are completed under the supervision of leading experts in the relevant fields.

Award Winning Programme

The University of Leeds boasts a progressive, sector-leading portfolio of capstone opportunities which in 2021 was recognised with an Advanced HE Collaborative Teaching Excellence Award.

This is the only CATE award given to a final year/capstone programme, for more information click here.