Field Courses


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One of the most exciting aspects of our degrees in the School of Biology is the range of fieldwork opportunities we have on offer. If you are studying Biology, Zoology, Ecology and Conversation Biology or Genetics, then you will have the opportunity to work in the field as part of your degree course.  

Field courses provide valuable opportunities to apply your knowledge and practical research skills outside of the lab, so we offer at least one field course option every year.

You’ll have the chance to take trips in the UK and abroad, with locations ranging from North Yorkshire to the Mediterranean and Pembrokeshire to Kenya.

Karolina Zarzyczny MBiol Zoology

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I have loved doing a field trip every year, as these are incredibly hands-on and although they are intense I enjoy working under pressure and learning in the field. In my third year, I had the chance to go on the South Africa Fieldtrip which was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life!
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