Field Courses

Year 4: (MBiol) African Field Ecology

Giraffe, African Field Ecology

Our MBiol Biology, Ecology and Conservation Biology and Zoology courses also offer you the chance to go to Kenya in your final year to conduct research at the Mpala Research Centre.

This field course has a focus on ecological, conservation and wildlife management challenges in a semi-arid savannah environment.

You’ll get hands-on experience with small-group projects that are of ecological or conservation relevance to the region. This will reinforce and broaden your knowledge and understanding of the area and build upon aspects of the ecological training received at Leeds.

Visit Mpala Live! to see round-the-clock views of hippos, elephants and other incredible species in Kenya’s Laikipia County, the area that surrounds the Mpala Research Centre – and explore where you could be studying!

When: March - April, MBiol Year 4
Duration: 2 weeks
Location: Kenya, Africa
Optional: Biology, Zoology, Ecology and Conservation Biology.

Examples of projects:

  • Ungulate distribtion and abundance
  • Ant-acacia interactions in marginal habitats
  • Patterns and consequences of elephant damage 
  • Impact of herbivorces on plant defence traits