Electron Microscopy

Meet the team

Our team is comprised of a range of scientists with different areas of specialism, covering cryogenic and ambient TEM for both single particle and tomography workflows. We can provide expert assistance to users new to electron microscopy, from sample preparation, data acquisition and image processing.

For more information about our facility and the services we offer, please contact cryoEM@leeds.ac.uk.


Louie Aspinall – Cryo-electron Microscopy Facility Manager

Louie specialises in cryo-EM sample preparation for single particle analysis studies, including negative stain TEM and cryo-EM workflows. He has expertise in DNA recombination systems and time-resolved cryo-EM studies.


Yehuda Halfon – Cryo-electron Microscopy Scientist

Yehuda specialises in the collection of cryo-EM data for single particle analysis and tomography workflows. He has experience in the use of structure to determine the function of macromolecules. 


Tom O’Sullivan – Correlative Imaging Scientist

Tom specialises in preparation of tissues and cells for cryogenic electron tomography, florescence microscopy, and correlative light and electron microscopy workflows. 


Oksana Degtjarik – Cryo-electron Microscopy Scientist

Oksana specialises in single particle analysis for cryo-EM data as well as structure determination and interpretation. She has experience with membrane proteins and membrane protein complexes. 

Martin Fuller

Martin Fuller –Electron Microscopy Technician 

Martin is a specialist in preparation of tissues and cells for ambient temperature transmission electron microscopy studies, including staining methods, freeze substitution and critical point drying.

Team Alumni- Where are they now?

Dr Rebecca Thompson

Dr Rebecca Thompson

Previously: Head of Faculty Biological Sciences Research Facilities and Deputy Director for Astbury Biostructure.
Now: Director Sales Development- Life Sciences Electron Microscopy- EMEA- Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Dr Emma Hesketh


Dr Emma Hesketh

Previously: Senior Cryo-EM Scientist / Research Fellow

Now: CryoEM Facility Manager, Leicester Institute for Structural and Chemical Biology

Dan Maskell

Dr Daniel Maskell

Previously: Cryo-electron Microscopy Scientist 2018-2021

Now: Post-doctoral research fellow with Elton Zeqiraj 

Uni Leeds Staff on Twitter: "Dr Charlotte Scarff has been awarded a British  Heart Foundation (BHF) Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship. Head  to For Staff to see some of the other achievements

Dr Charlotte Scarff

Previously: Cryo-electron Microscopy Scientist 2019-2020

Now: Group leader and BHF Jacqueline Murray Coomber Fellow