Electron Microscopy

Our facility

Electron microscopy facility manager load a Titan Krios electron microscope - a world class piece of eqipment in the faculty of biological sciences

The Astbury Biostructure Laboratory is our electron microscopy facility within the Faculty of Biological Sciences. We have a range of state-of-the-art equipment for transmission electron microscopy of biological specimens, from small macromolecular complexes to tissues, and related material.

Our services are available to researchers from across the University, as well as external users form academia and industry.

We specialise in cryo-electron microscopy, generating high-resolution data to produce structures of a broad range of macromolecular complexes including membrane proteins, ribosomes and viruses.

Our workflows also enable collection of cryo-EM tilt-series for tomographic reconstruction of tissues and large macromolecular assemblies.