Flow-Cytometry Equipment


The CytoFLEX is a 2-laser flow cytometer with the ability to analyse 4-fluorescent parameters in addition to FSC and SSC. Samples can be loaded from 5ml or 1.5ml tubes or the plate arm can be used for high-throughput samples from 96-well plate formats.


  • 2 laser system; 488nm, 640nm
  • Measurement of 4 fluorescent parameters along with FSC and SSC
  • Resolution down to 200nm for small particle detection
  • Automatic and manual tube loading modes; accepts 5ml, 2ml and 1.5ml tubes
  • High-through arm accepts 96-well flat, U and V bottom plates
  • Non-pressurised system allowing chemical stimulation during sampling
  • ADP detectors for enhanced light detection
  • Volumetric cell enumeration
  • High speed, up to 30,000 events per second.
  • Adjustable flow rates, up to 250ul/min
  • Auto-compensation ability in software


CytoFLEX configurations