Flow-Cytometry Equipment

FACS Melody

Cell sorters allow you identify and separate out either populations of cells or individual cells of interest in a sterile manner to sue in downstream applications.  The FACS Melody is an easy to use cell sorter that can be run by facility staff or by trained users.


  • 3 laser system ( 405nm, 488nm and 561nm)
  • 8 fluorescent parameters alongside Forward scatter (FSC) & Side Scatter (SSC)
  • 4 way simultaneous population sorting into 1.5ml, 2ml and 5ml tube sorting output
  • Temperature control on sample station and collection vessel
  • Plate sorting capabilities into 6, 24, 48, 96 and 384 well plates including index sorting single cell capabilities for downstream next generation sequencing work
  • 100µm nozzle attachment with sorting rates up 40,000 cells/second
  • Enrichment, Purity and Single Cell sorting mask modes for highest possible sorting and maximal yield outputs
  • Up to 32 sort regions possible
  • Situated in a ClassII recirculating cabinet with Aerosol management system for high level containment of biomaterials
  • Chorus acquisition/analysis Software


FACS Melody configurations


Additional filters available on request:

  • YFP Filter set (545/20BP, 535LP)
  • Alexa Flour 700 (720/30 BP, 705LP)