Protein, Interactions, X-Ray and Characterisation Team (PIXC)

Meet the team

Protein Production |

Faye Blinkhorne

Miss Faye Blinkhorne
Protein Production Research Technician; ext. 37382

Biomolecular Interactions |

Two scientists standing talking to one another in front of lab equipment

Dr Iain Manfield
Biomolecular Interactions Facility Manager; ext. 37279

Mr Mohammed Hussain
Biomolecular Interactions Research Technician

Circular Dichroism

Scientist stood in front of equipment turning to face the camera

Dr G. Nasir Khan
Circular Dichroism Facility Manager; ext. 33014


Dr Brian Jackson, Protein Production Facility Manager. Brian has since moved to another Research Facility within the university.

Dr Chi TrinhMacromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Facility Manager. Chi is still working at the university but now as a Lecturer in Structural Biology.

Mrs Laura Wilkinson Hewitt, Protein Production Research Technician. Since leaving the PPF Laura has taken up a role in the University of Leeds Sustainability Service. She still works closely with us in FBS on our ongoing sustainability projects.

Mr Alex Koerber, Protein Production Apprentice Technician. Worked with us part time asissting in our day-to-day running of the lab.

Dr Fatima Nadat, Protein Production Research Technician. Soon after leaving the PPF Fatima took up a Postdoctoral Research position with Dr Edwin Chen at Leeds. She has now left academia and works as a clinical immunologist for the NHS.

Mr David Sharples, Fermenter Technician. David retired from science and now enjoys his time working on his allotment.

Please get in touch with a current member of staff if you need to contact any of the above alumni.