Protein Production

Access to the facility

All of our services are available to all staff and students at the University of Leeds, external academic institutions, and industry.

If you would like to discuss using the facility for any of our services, please download and fill out this submission form and email to

A member of facility staff will contact you, usually within two working days of submitting a project request.

As well as our six core services, the facility has a number of pieces of equipment that are available to users across the University. These include our EVOS 2 FL microscope, G:Box XX9 gel imager (capable of multiplex fluorescence western blots as well as all standard gels/blots) and Qubit fluorometer.

Please contact for details on how to access individual pieces of equipment.

Our conditions of service:

  • By appropriately acknowledging the contribution of Research Facilities you will help us to grow and improve to provide a continuing world-class service.
  • Please acknowledge all routine assistance in published work. This must include the University of Leeds and Royal Society for funding, as well as the PPF.
  • Please include PPF staff as co-authors where their contribution to your research warrants it.


Leeds Users

It is essential that all work carried out in the PPF is costed correctly onto grants.

Please speak with the Facility Manager before writing protein production costs into a grant.

Full FEC costs of our services are available from the Facility Manager, or from the Faculty of Biological Sciences Research and Innovation Office.