Protein Production

Meet the team

For general enquiries to the Protein Production Facility, please email The Facility is located in Astbury 9.103, with the facility office Astbury 9.108f.

Brian Jackson, Protein Production facility manager


Dr Brian Jackson

ext. 37369

I trained as a Molecular Microbiologist, gaining my PhD in 2007 from the University of East Anglia. I have extensive experience in recombinant DNA and recombinant protein technologies, including the expression of archaeal, bacterial, mammalian and viral proteins. As the Facility Manager, I am the first point of contact for new users of the facility. For more information please see my full staff webpage.

Protein Production facility team member


Dr Fatima Nadat

ext. 37382

I gained my PhD in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology in 2018 from the University of Leeds.  My current role as the Research Technician in the Protein Production Facility involves a variety of techniques including cloning, protein purification and protein analysis. For more information please see my full staff webpage


Mrs Laura Wilkinson Hewitt (currently on maternity leave)

ext. 37382

I graduated with a BSc and MBiol in Zoology from Leeds in 2015. As facility technician, I liaise with users of the facility to provide assistance and training, and perform appropriate techniques and protocols e.g. SDS-PAGE, western blotting, cloning, cell culture, vector design and protein purification. I assist with the day-to-day running of the facility, maintenance of lab equipment and upkeep of biological stocks. For more information please see my full staff webpage.