School of Biomedical Sciences

Cardiac arrhythmia

School of Biomedical Sciences

Our school investigates the fundamental biological and physiological principles underpinning human function, in health and disease. Our research is organised into six distinct research groups. Our goal is to translate our research findings for clinical benefit and to achieve optimal human function across the lifespan.

Working hard to achieve our goals are our academics.

Our teaching

The Faculty of Biological Sciences offers an exciting portfolio of undergraduate, Masters and research degrees, including those taught within the School of Biomedical Sciences.

Research impact

We're working on research to change lives, and change the world. Here are some examples of our high impact case studies:

Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama's pioneering research has restored walking ability for people with a paralysing spinal cord injury - the first in medical history.

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Professors Eileen Ingham and John Fisher led an interdisciplinary team that have developed a new method aimed at replacing damaged or injured skin and tendons.

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Dr. Shaunna Burke has worked with professional staff and patients at Sue Ryder hospices in the UK to develop targeted exercise programmes and resources.

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