Affimer screening facility


We provide expertise, advice, support and scientific input to projects and grant applications. All the projects we take on are collaborative and should lead to future grant applications, and research outputs.

Our service comprises:

  • Screening of recombinant proteins, peptides and chemical compounds including phage ELISA control and sequencing of positive clones
  • Optional: Small scale expression in E. coli (JM83; 50-200 ug)
  • Optional: Sub-cloning of Affimer coding regions into the expression vector pET11, medium scale (50 mL culture) expression in E. coli BL21 (DE3)(up to 10 mg).
  • Optional: Labelling of Affimer reagents with maleimide-activated biotin or fluorophores
  • Optional: Pull-down experiments of unlabelled target proteins to confirm binding

In addition, we offer the screening of mammalian cells, tissue samples or complex protein mixtures as part of a PhD scholarship or research grants.

A financial contribution to the costs of the screening are required and will be provided upon discussion of the project with the team.

Since application specific requirements may involve sophisticated screening strategies it is essential that projects are discussed and properly costed with the BSTG prior to submission of a grant application.

Please complete the Project Evaluation Form for Affimers here.