Flow-Cytometry Equipment


The CytoFLEX S is a 4-laser flow cytometer with the ability to analyse 13 fluorescent parameters in addition to FSC and SSC. Samples can be loaded from 5ml or 1.5ml tubes or the plate arm can be used for high-throughput samples from 96-well plate formats.


  • 4 laser system; 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm
  • Measurement of 13 fluorescent parameters along with FSC and SSC
  • Resolution down to 200nm for small particle detection
  • Automatic and manual tube loading modes; accepts 5ml, 2ml and 1.5ml tubes
  • High-through arm accepts 96-well flat, U and V bottom plates
  • Non-pressurised system allowing chemical stimulation during sampling
  • ADP detectors for enhanced light detection
  • Volumetric cell enumeration
  • High speed, up to 30,000 events per second.
  • Adjustable flow rates, up to 250ul/min
  • Auto-compensation ability in software


FACS Meolody configurations

Additional filters available on request:

  • BP 510/20 GFP
  •  BP 515/20 eGFP
  • BP 585/15 dTomato
  • BP 550/30 YFP