Bio-imaging equipment

Zeiss AxioScan Z.1 Slide Scanner

The automated slide scanner enables high-quality and high through-put imaging of whole slides. It can be used for fixed cells, tissue sections or tissue microarrays and is capable of both bright-field and fluorescence imaging.   


  • Automated system that allows high through-put of large numbers of slides
  • Capable of imaging up to 100 slides in a single run
  • Imaging of histological sections in brightfield
  • Imaging of Fluorescently labelled samples
  • Tiling of whole tissue sections
  • Z-stack (3D) imaging of whole tissue sections


  • Equipped with Colibri2 LED light source giving illumination at 365nm, 470nm, 540-580nm and 625 nm
  • Equipped with a HXP 120v light source
  • 2 cameras: Hitachi HV-F202 and Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0v2


  • Fluar 5x/0.25
  • Plan-Apoochromat 10x/0.45
  • Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8
  • Plan-Apochromat 40x/0.95

Filter Sets

  • [Filter set 81] Quad: DAPI, FITC, Rhod,Cy5 QBP 432 + 519 +590 +680 (HE)
  • [Filter set 49] DAPI BP445/50
  • [Filter set 38] GFP BP525/50 (HE)
  • [Filter set 43] CY3 BP605/70
  • [Filter set 50] Cy5 BP690/50

Location: Faculty of Biological Sciences, L.C.Miall 5.11