Bio-imaging equipment

iSIM - Instant Structured Illumination Microscopy

iSIM microscopy gives 1.5 increase in resolution compared to standard widefield microscopy. It is able to image at a high frame rate making it ideal for imaging dynamic movement within living cells. It is also capable of rapidly imaging z-stacks. Data processing is required to produce the final image.

It works on the basis of illuminating the sample with an array of micro lenses and recovering the emitted light through pinholes that are shifted by a distance of X. This reduces the width of the point spread function, allowing the improvement in resolution. As this image is shifted by X/2, a second array of micro lenses then shifts the signal back to its true position, and all the signals are summed from the back shifted pinhole positions and summed to generate the super-resolution image. The final image (already super-resolved) is collected by a CMOS camera. Deconvolution can then be used to improve resolution to a full 2-fold improvement.


  • Two-colour, structured illumination fluorescence microscopy with ~ 150nm resolution.
  • Fluorescence images of fixed or live cells.
  • Compatible with standard fluorophores.
  • Image acquisition at frame rates up to 100 frames per second (fps).
  • Z-stack
  • Time Lapse
  • Heated stage incubator for live cell imaging.


  • Oil immersion 60x objective, NA 1.49 (Apo)
  • Silicon 60x objective, NA 1.30 (UPlanSApo)
  • Water 60x objective, NA 1.20 (UPlanSApo)


  • 488
  • 561


  • Faculty of Biological Sciences, L.C.Miall 5.15