Bio-imaging equipment

Zeiss LSM700 Confocal Microscope

Confocal microscope for the imaging of both fixed and live cells. The inverted set-up enables samples to be imaged in a variety of holders including slides, chamber slides, imaging dishes or imaging plate formats.  


  • Fully automated inverted microscope.
  • 4 diode lasers (405, 488, 555, 639nm)
  • Motorised stage for screening plates and slides, tile scanning and point visiting
  • Z-sectioning for 3D imaging
  • DIC and phase contrast objectives
  • Temperature and CO2 regulation for live cell imaging
  • FRAP and FRET imaging.


  • Axio Observer Z1 inverted stand
  • Motorized stage: Marzhauser scan stage DC 120x100 mm
  • Heated stage insert (Temperature and CO2)


  • 10x/0.3 Ph1 Plan-Neofluar, M27
  • 20x/0.5 Ph2 Plan Neofluar, M27
  • 40/1.3 Oil DIC Plan Apochromat, M27
  • 63x/1.4 Oil DIC Plan Apochromat, M27
  • 40x/1.2 water immersion Corrected, M27 (available on request)


  • 405nm laser, 5mW
  • 488nm laser, 10mW
  • 555nm laser, 10mW
  • 639nm laser, 5mW

Spectral detector

  • Two channel collection (photomultiplyers)
  • Variable secondary dichroic (VSD) beamsplitter allows two simultaneous detections


  • Faculty of Biological Sciences, L.C.Miall 5.08