Microbiology with Immunology international student at University of Leeds

Mohammed Haider

Why did you choose Leeds and your course?

My degree at Leeds has consisted of state-of-the-art, research-led teaching which has been both fun and eye-opening. The structure of the course and its content has been varied and dynamic. For much of my first and second year, some of the taught material was delivered via cross-disciplinary teaching from related courses, including biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology. In my third year, there was a lot more flexibility to the course, which enabled me to refine my area of study and choose to attend lectures and seminars which interested me the most.

What has been the highlight of your time here?

The highlight of my entire degree was my third year dissertation project which involved writing a 10,000 word report detailing my research, as well as producing a poster to summarise the essential components of my project. I was allocated a supervisor during this period which was a great source of help and guidance.

Did you have a good support network during your studies?

Throughout my time at the Faculty of Biological Sciences I have felt part of a very supportive environment. Staff members were always happy to answer any I questions I had, either in person (during or after lectures) or via email. The administrative staff were also very helpful.

How are you found the facilities?

The university has great facilities libraries which provides a great environment for studying. There are also computer clusters throughout the campus, some of which are open 24 hours, so there is always a computer available.

What is your advice for students who are thinking about coming to Leeds?

My advice to prospective students would be to start working on any piece of work as soon as it is assigned. Trust me, it pays off in the end, and leaves you time to enjoy yourself without having a stressful rush at the end. If you’re not sure about something at university, ask, you’ll be surprised to see how helpful people are!