Alternatives to medicine

Nikita is a BSc Neuroscience student at the University of Leeds in the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Alternatives to medicine

We offer many other medical and health-related science subjects that could be right for you and your future career. This page will show you the range of Science in Health degree courses available in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, which you could consider as an alternative to medicine.

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To prepare you for a wide range of opportunities in scientific and non-scientific careers, we offer a variety of degree courses in the areas of;

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We are one of the UK's leading life sciences faculties, our extensive research expertise means the courses you can choose to study are at the forefront of knowledge and reflect the latest developments in the field of biological science.


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Contribute to medicine

Learn how you can still make an impact in the field of medicine


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Beth Leake
Student | BSc Genetics
The highlight of my working life has been going to watch brain surgery (an awake craniotomy) on a real life patient who had a brain tumour. You get a lot of choice when you’ve got a scientific degree, so you could do almost anything you want.