Cell and Organismal Biology

Cell and organismal biology research in the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Cell and Organismal Biology

Our research

Our cell biology research aims at determining the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying both normal cell functions and how they become dysfunctional in diseased cells and organisms.

In particular our research pursues a detailed understanding of the structure and function of cellular components such as membranes, organelles and the cytoskeleton as well as cellular processes including protein folding and degradation pathways, stress response mechanisms, gene regulation and protein targeting and secretion in health and disease. These themes are addressed in model systems as diverse as mammalian cells in culture, plants, worms and fruit flies.

Our studies exploit techniques ranging from molecular biology, functional genomics and advanced imaging techniques including Confocal and Super-resolution Microscopy and Cryo-Electron Microscopy.

Academics in Cell and Organismal Biology

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Postdoctoral Researchers in Cell and Organismal Biology

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Research themes

Protein quality control mechanisms at the subcellular, cellular and organismal level during health, ageing and disease.

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Structure, function and dynamics of eukaryotic cytoskeleton and protein transport across organelle and cell membrane.

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Control of gene activity, transcription and epigenetic regulation in health and disease states.

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