Ruffling cell image by Michelle Peckham


Our research

We study the molecular and cellular basis of cancer and the development of target-specific therapeutics.

Our research ranges from analysis of genomes and transcriptomes in cancer, structural biology and dynamics of cancer regulatory pathways, and mechanistic understanding of intracellular and inter-cellular signalling to aberrant tissue homeostasis, the biology of viruses that cause cancer and screening and design of potential therapeutic leads.  

Research themes

Crystal structure of Aurora-A (cyan) in complex with N-Myc residues 61–89 (red). (Courtesy of Dr. Elton Zeqiraj)

Understanding the structure of oncogenes and cancer growth regulatory proteins and the mechanistic basis of aberrant intra- and inter-cellular communication.

Tumour biology

Understanding cancer cells behaviour and cytoskeletal organisation, the role of the tumour stroma and the control of tumour angiogenesis.

Differential gene expression in haematological malignancies Polycytemia Vera (PV) and Essential Thrombocytemia (ET)

Understanding genomic and epigenomic changes that drive cancer biology

Electron micrograph of recombinant adenoviruses (courtesy of Dr. Eric Blair)

Understanding the mechanisms of virus-induced cancer development.

Crystal structure of Adhiron34 (magenta), variable loops shown in cyan docked to the NMR structure of p300 (green) (courtesy of Drs. Tomlinson and Edwards)

Screening and optimisation of small molecules and peptide-based diagnostic and therapeutic compounds.